Início Direito Rolling Stone vs. Brazilian Blogs: censorship or threat? – english version

Rolling Stone vs. Brazilian Blogs: censorship or threat? – english version


Mitchel from 3 Ponto Zero e-mail me yestarday concerning the episode of threat of process of the Rolling Stone the two brazilian sites (Aletp e Brainstorm#9) due to spreading of images of a campaign its.

Both the BLOGS already had put the mouth in trobone (Alept e Brainstorm#9) accusing the Magazine, whose campaign remembers very in the images of another controversial campaign of the Italian company Benneton in the decade of eighty, with censura.

It is not censorship: it is threat. How much to its text, reproduced partially for the Brainstorm, me he entirely seems maken a mistake when complaining concerning the use of its mark. Blogs is not if using for itself, or with intention of profit, of the marks of the company. In contrast they divulge a campaign for carried through it, attributing, also, méritos for its quality.

In a globalized world, with the information in the InterNet crossing borders, we would have delicate questions of International law whose resulted I would not have conditions to foresee, as the possibility of the authors of blogs to be processed in the country headquarters of the company and to have an absurd expenditure to be defended or to be considered to the default, having, consequently, future restrictions to the visitation to the country, in which could be demanded of an indemnity millionaire.

However the Brazilian blogosfera if cannot transfer to this situation. In contrast it must use to advantage this chance for, to the example of that they had made the advertising companies, creating a proper code of ethics, a self-regulation, in the molds of the CONAR, disciplining, to the light of the effective norms, situations whom they are, effectively, violators of honor rights, image, property, etc.

By the way exactly between blogs it has, for times, controversies involving the authorship of determined ideas, in its majority argued and decided inside of the list of the Blogosfera in the YahooGroups, but that they can, in the measure where the Blogosfera grows, to take ratio bigger.

Also an association, that creates some form of contribution just to pay lawyers, in this type of controversy, as it occurs in the associations of magistrates, would be an intelligent measure, has seen that, to the end and the handle, attacks directed against one blog for such or which reason, if treated to one does not form effective, can open a precedent that makes impracticable the activity of blogar.

Remember the episodes of Egypcian Kareem or the brazilian case of Sarney vs. Alcinéia.



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